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August 21st, 2012

BDSM Cams live is a site where you can find slave girls to command, sexy submissive live bdsm cam girls who can fulfill your fetish desires on live cam, where you can even have voice 2 voice communication if you want and I can tell you some of these bdsm cam girls you just need to hear it make’s the turn-on even bigger then just watching her live fetish cam show, just seeing that she listen’s and obeys the commands you give her with your voice behind your own webcam  and hearing her reactions just really fucking horny to experience.

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The Bdsm cam girl here is DarkdollX with her kinky collar she is just waiting for a little abuse from her Master, will you able to give here the domination she craves to get behind her cam? then don’t waist time on my blog but visit

female slave training

January 31st, 2010

Female slave training with slave girl Lila Katt a girl who is lacking a bit of endurance but she makes it up with her sexual desire for sadistic hard cock.  This is one of the most interesting bdsm experiments done on the internet ever. What does is it really take to make a slave? Is the Question they ask for this experiment and they don’t take half measurements to find out what it takes. Many wannabe slave girls are taken into a training program designed to break their will and to let the slave in them grow and develop all guided by experienced bdsm masters.

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The photos I have borrowed from the experiment truly show that the folks over at the training of O are very serious,  just see little slave slut Lila locked in a small cage with no space to move.

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She is tortured with water first and then she gets nipple clamps with a bucket of ice hanging underneath, this is some serious stretching of limits and that is exactly what can make somebody into a bdsm slave, limits have to be stretched slowly but surely the slave has to surrender it’s own will and surrender to the will of the Master….If you have become curious about this project and want to see it up close to see the development of these girls then I invite you to come over to The Training of O

pussy whipping

January 30th, 2010

Pussy whipping makes this pain slut cry her submissive eye ( TJ Cummings ), it;s tough to receive the whippings from bdsm master Mason who loves teaching lessons of pain to little sluts who think they are tough, these pain addicted girls get their limits stretched when he whips their pussies

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It’s hardcore brutal bdsm and you can watch it as if you were there because all these bdsm sessions are taped for anybody to watch the whippings and other abuses these willing sluts take

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Fucked and bound gave me these photos to share on my bdsm master blog and I know these guys for years. Their site is established and still going strong as these guys know what the fuck they are doing as they are into the lifestyle themselves Click Here To Join Fucked And Bound

female sex slave

January 30th, 2010

Hardcore tattooed bdsm master has his female sex slave bound and suspended  in the master bedroom, where the naked blond sex slave is fucked while she hangs helpless in the air, this is far going trust and power exchange which is happening between the Master and his slave slut, she is totally helpless and he is in complete control as it is supposed to be

After abusing and fucking his dangling slave girl he decides to take her back to solid ground for some more abuse and humiliation, tied to the chair she is forced to suck his tattooed cock…

These great photo’s were taken by me from fucking dungeon a site which is very serious about bdsm and I enjoy watching their content a lot and well maybe if you like female sex slaves getting fucked while they are in helpless positions then you should go and join fucking dungeon to get your dose of hardcore bdsm porn

female public humiliation

January 30th, 2010

Female slave humiliated in her foreign dream country, where she is thrown in the back of a  bicycle taxi ,  her bdsm Master gags her and strips her topless just in the middle of the public in the middle of the day, the slut looks fine, seems like a south american female sex slave who knows no better then to obey her Master

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The Female sex slave is grabbed by her neck and forced on her knees to suck cock, something she has done many times before obviously, she sucks the big cock of her Master and gets fucked in the ass by her Master’s friend

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Female public humiliation at it’s best at public disgrace a site wholly dedicated to humiliating female slaves in public and if you can be sure of one thing, nothing beats public humiliation at putting sluts in their place, to see the high quality videos of this episode you should visit this link to join now